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What is your most valuable asset?

If you’re like most people, it’s your wages. Your wages depend upon your ability to work and earn a living.

Who’s going to pay you if you can’t work due to a disability?

Our team of associates provides expert advice in the field of disability income protection; let us educate you on your options.

Do you have a Medical Condition or work in a Hazardous Occupation?

We will search the marketplace of insurance companies saving you valuable time. Each case is different and we take the time to listen and work with all companies for an offer that is appropriate for you under your circumstances.

Disability Income Protection Demystified 

If you haven't looked into disability income protection or if you have and thought it was too expensive, we encourage you to take a second look.

Disability Calculator

Find out how much disability income insurance you may need by using this simple calculator (from Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education), or by discussing your situation with us.

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